What is my ftp address?

I have hunted all over and can’t find what my ftp address is. They say things like “enter server name” and such, but exactly what do I type in?

is it my website address? with or without the www?
is it ftp://somethingsomething?

Yes, I’m a little frustrated, but I’m trying to be my politest.


You’ll either need an FTP program, or use WebFTP in the Panel (Domains -> Manage Domains and click WebFTP next to your domain name.


I thought FireZilla was pretty popular with Windows users here.

And you can start your connection with gravano.dreamhost.com, or YOURDOMAIN.com (whatever it is) once YOURDOMAIN is created and DNS has been updated.


I’m thinking that your are thinking about FireFTP, or FileZilla, both of which are in that list on multiple platforms, but I could be way off base with that guess :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support

WinSCP is the pick of the litter. waving my WinSCP flag

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Oops. I guess I was trying to kill two birds with one stone. I meant WinFireZilla…err, make that “FileZilla.”