What is Internal Server Error?



And, more importantly, how do I repair it?

I’m new to all this.

I have three WordPress blogs. One gets this error. I deleted the old WordPress folders on all three blogs that were left after I upgraded WordPress. This is the only blog that came back with the error.

I’ve checked the wiki and I seem to find only articles on creating a 500 error page and stuff about CGI and Perl. I was going to send a message to DH support but when you chose Internal Server Error as the subject you get a blue box that tell you two reasons why they really can’t help you: don’t support third party and something about databases.

Where do I go to figure out how to fix this?


An internal server error means that there’s something wrong with the programming in the page you’re trying to run. When your server goes through and tries to parse the page, something goes wrong - in return you get this error page.

The easiest thing might be to backtrack to when it was working and see if you can return it to that state. (the .snapshot backup directories may help here). If the one click upgrade broke your install you hopefully can use the old-wordpress data that the bot leaves behind to revert.



Thanks, mattail, for your help. I’m feeling hopeful. I visited the DH wiki and found the article on .snapshot – which just happens to have your moniker attached. As soon as I figure out where to do this cd to the hidden directory thing I’ll be on my way.