What is included with the free non-profit account?

Hello, I saw that Dreamhost offers a free account to non-profits. Cool! What is included with it? I can’t find a feature list.

I’m inquiring for a US registered non-profit http://chirpradio.org/ and we are looking to run Python/Django/PostgreSQL (or MySQL) web applications as well as PHP/MySQL apps. If that’s not included for free, how much extra would it cost?

Non-profit accounts are treated exactly the same as standard hosting accounts. Only difference between signing up for a non-profit account and signing up for a normal hosting plan is that the non-profit account is free.

Features included are, hence, exactly as listed on http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html. Most of what you’re asking about is available with a standard hosting plan, with the exception of PostgreSQL databases — we don’t have that available, but MySQL is available.

Andrew, even the ability to host an unlimited number of domains? I’d expect that a non-profit account only be allowed to host sites for the non-profit itself.

That’s enforced administratively, not on a technical level. It’s perfectly possible that a non-profit will need to host multiple domains, and we don’t want to get in the way of that.

They are limited to one free domain registration, though — additional registrations, like all other add-on services, are still charged for.