What is if I don't need the website anymore?

Hey everyone!

What if I do not need the Webside anymore, what about the costs?

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Check these articles please

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

So why get rid of “close my account at the end of billing period” feature? AFAIK Dreamhost is the only company in this business that plays this kind of lame tricks on customers.

Not sure why you call the option to stop paying and be refunded any time a ‘trick’: you can close your account any time and get refunded for the unused time.

That’s clearly a lie. There is no way to turn off autopay. Customers can either cancel their account before the end of the billing period (service terminated right away, instead of at the end of current billing period) without any refund or get billed for next billing period.

DreamHost cannot refund money beyond the 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I think you’re mis-interpreting the policy you quoted. The 97-day refund is a different thing and let’s leave it aside. And I didn’t lie: if customers request a credit for unused services, they can get it.

I thought we were talking about canceling a service. Which one would you like to cancel? At the end of the page I linked before there are specific links to other pages for different options. If you provide more details here I can give you a more precise answer, too.

Are you trying to close your account? Or what else are you trying to achieve?

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You are the one spreading misinformation.

Customer prepays 1 year of service and decides not to renew because Dreamhost sucks. But there is no option for customer to end service at the end of the last billing period. They can either terminate service early with no refund, or get billed for an additional month. Is there any reason to remove turning off auto-renewal (other than REMOVED run Dreamhost)?

@realdreams: if you have specific experience on this topic, please share the details. I know more than you about DreamHost internal processes and the discretion available to our Support team. Have you tried asking nicely a support representative to cancel the auto-renewal or get a refund?

Please stop using offensive language or you’ll be banned: you can criticize DreamHost here but with facts and details. The right to criticize doesn’t give you the right to offend the people working here.

Sure you know more (ways to screw customers). Support did tell me auto-renewal was not available any more by design.

Go ahead and ban every customer that doesn’t like your service. Good job at censoring the forum. Too bad you can’t censor the Internet. Do you guys still do anything other than ripping off customers and pulling some PR stunts?

I suggest you to find a suitable solution to your problem with DreamHost support team. My colleague can accommodate reasonable requests and calling names on this forum is not going to be helpful.

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