What is going on with Dreamhost lately?

I’ve been a dreamhost customer for 12 years. I’ve recommend them to a lot of people and clients, but lately… I went out and got a VPS with linode because I couldn’t run Drupal 7 on dreamhost without it being quite slow. Now I have a ticket in about my site (Drupal 6) that I’ve run for years (updating of course) without trouble, that is running so slow it’s not usable, and rather than the quick response time I got used to in years past, it’s been 15+ hrs and nothing. The load avg was over 21 on the server and climbing when I looked last night.

Now, I’ve seen some posts about lost domain names because the auto-renew didn’t work? I keep managed hosting because I’m a developer, not a server administrator, and I’d rather not have to get a VPS that I have to maintain, secure, etc. but it looks like I don’t have a lot of choice anymore… and it makes me wonder, cynically perhaps, if they’re not taking as good of care of us shared hosting customers as they used to, because they’re trying to drive people to more expensive VPS hosting. Sorry, but Dreamhost is not my first choice for VPS hosting if they can’t handle shared/managed properly anymore.

You are a developper and do not even have a dedicated ?

Keeping up with every installed package, possible security flaw and/or improvement, isn’t what I want to be spending my time on. However, I do have a linode server. I’d prefer to keep the various sites requiring different versions of PHP etc. in an environment where that’s fairly easy to handle, and cpanel etc. is convenient, but yeah, if thinks don’t get back to how they were in the good ol’ days, I suppose I’ll have to move things over. For small, low volume sites, inexpensive shared hosting should be fine. As a developer, I am proficient in the LAMP stack, and have some decent linux skills but I’m not a server administrator… I’d prefer to have experts handle that, but they need to get back in gear and fix these issues.

That’s a rather flippant comment that isn’t it?
You need to understand that not everyone has the cash to blow on expensive dedicated servers, and that even dedicated servers still experience technical and support issues from time to time.