What is going on with Barker?

all my sites give error 403 forbidden for last two days…
try to apply to PS but silence…
silence in support too.

Are you able to login by SFTP?

The reason I ask is because when you get web server error messages like that they appear in the file /home/username/logs/[your domain]/http/error.log

So that’s the first thing you want to check when you get mysterious 403, 404, 500 or 503 error messages. 403 errors usually mean there is a problem with permssions (eg you have files with no public read permission) or ownership (contact support if your stuff belongs to any user but the one you SFTP as, esp for ‘root’ or ‘staff’) but they could also be caused by directives in .htaccess files (eg block by IP or referrer, no generated indexes etc) or even output from CGI scripts/web apps.

So what does your error.log say??

Customer since 2000 :cool: openvein.org

all my logs are clean becouse all sites are down
all permissions are OK - 755 for foldres and 644 for files
all .htaccess - are clean
support dont answer the questions…

[quote]all my sites give error 403 forbidden for last two days…

all my logs are clean becouse all sites are down[/quote]
Then your hosting is probably misconfigured. You can’t get 403 Forbidden errors from Apache without Apache logging it somewhere. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains and “Edit” the domain then save it (without making changes) and see if that makes a difference after waiting at least 15 minutes.

And if you’re still get 403 errors try going back and changing the Web directory to a new, empty directory (ie with no .htaccess files even) to ensure its not something you uploaded causing the problem. If that change is successful, browsers should get a generated directory index with only empty favicon.gif and favicon.ico files in it. Make sure you don’t have an .htaccess file in your home directory either.

Customer since 2000 :cool: openvein.org

nothing helps
and i got 3 tickets to supports
and they don’t answer me
maybe i banned
but they don’t want to tell me that…
it’s a pitty
i don’t have any unlegal matirials
only yellow-pages and digg-like site with google adsense…

As has been suggested, a 403 is a very specific error. Did you really try to set the domain’s directory to a new, empty location to check?

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