What is going on here

I am having trouble with two of my hosted sites that worked perfectly until today.

www.area51abf.com was working lovely then when I got an email saying the site wasnt working I looked at it and found only the parent direct displaying I looked in the webftp folder before panel went down and found that there were all the mail files missing and only two folders the area51abf.com which is where the sites files are and the log file.

on the other website www.ozcraftdesign.com that was great, but upon checking after I found the problem with the other site this one is doing the same thing but this one says it only has one file in the parent directory. we are reuploading the ozcraftdesign site but we would love to know what happened and why the files are missing as well as the sites…

any help appreciated

You might see what you find in your .snapshot directory. It could be easier to copy from there, rather than re-upload.

Where there used to be a couple each of hourly, daily and weekly, I just noticed all mine except two “hourly’s” disappeared.


You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas

I checked mine, and I still have two each of hourly, nightly, and weekly, all populated.