What is domain mirroring?

Hello there,

Can someone explain what domain mirroring is and how it works? I already have a proper hosted domain, and I was wondering if I could set up another domain and point it to a subdirectory or a subdomain of my main site using domain mirroring?



You can set it up to mirror a subdomain – subfolders won’t work though, it needs to be a domain name without any file system infomation added. If you really want it to go to a subfolder you can either set it up as a redirected domain or fiddle around with setting up a subdomain to point to the subdirectory and then mirror that.

Cool, so a subdomain should do the trick then. One more thing though - I’ve assumed that if I mirror, say:


to my new domain www.bar.com, everything under subdomain.foo.com will appear to my visitors to be under www.bar.com?

i.e. if I have the file subdomain.foo.com/stuff/file.txt, a visitor to bar.com will see the address www.bar.com/stuff/file.txt? i.e. when users navigate my mirrored domain everything will appear to be within www.bar.com?

Just want to make absolutely sure before I part with my $25 :slight_smile:



Sounds like you’ve got it right. If two domains point to the same directory, then the content will appear to come from whichever domain the user logs into.

If your home folder has /site/info/cool.html, and you point both subdomain.foo.com and bar.com to the “site” directory, then visitors to foo.com will see:


and visitors to bar.com will see:


No redirecting involved. How’s that?

Excellent! That’s just what I need, now I shall shell out for that extra domain…



I wonder… is this actually a way to effectively get more fully hosted domains than you’re actually paying for? Like, if you set up a fully hosted subdomain like sub.mysite.net, then set up newdomain.net to mirror it, then it’s like you’ve set up another fully hosted domain even if you have none left in your account (the plans give you a lot more fully hosted subdomains than regular domains). If so, this kind of sounds like cheating… it’s sort of a loophole in the system.

– Dan

It is indeed, however it’s one we’re aware of. We haven’t closed it yet because so few people do it, but if we start to see a sudden increase in it we’ll probably have to stop allowing full domains mirroring sub-domains!


Hmmm, interesting…from my point of view it wouldn’t be worth getting another fully hosted domain as the site in question is going to be very small (<20MB, probably a lot less, only one user/mailbox). Without this domain mirroring I wouldn’t have bothered. Hmmm, maybe you could have some kind of halfway booster pack…

Anyway just my perspective :slight_smile: