What is DH's MX record



When I click DNS link at one of my domain, it shows:
MX 0 mx1.balanced.frisky.mail.dreamhost.com

I wonder if this is correct as when I use ping command to check it, it says bad mx parametter. Also, the mail incoming does not seems to work.

Anyone ahs idea of MX record in case I want e-mail sent to Dreamhost.



That looks right mine is mx1.balanced.spunky.mail.dreamhost.com. which is just on a different server.

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thanks. Now the e-mail can send and receive. But now, I have not been able to change password because the link:mailboxes.mydomain.com does not show anything (junk page to be exact).
Ping mailboxes.mydomian.com shows the IP that I have set up in my registra. So what is still missing.


you have to wait until DNS propagation occurs.
Or you can had a record to your hosts PC file, and set:
IP.FROM.DH.PANEL mailboxes.youdomain.tld

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you are RIGHT.I get it now.Thanks