What is cron job?


as i told earlier also, i have never been face to face with unix/linux. and getting into it, and getting interest also :slight_smile:

I want to ask one question. What is cron job? actually i need my web server to run some task periodically (every 2 hours say) and I have a page which can be executed every 2 hour to do the task, so, while searching on google, i came to know that i can create cron job, but totally unaware how to do that ??

can somebody please guide me or give some pointer?

Jigar Mehta


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Thanks for your help…
I am setting the crontab job now, and while setting I am getting an error saying,

bad minute
errors in crontab file, can’t install.

I am giving some task to be run every 30 minutes! isnt it allowed on DH?

Jigar Mehta

I got the solution.

Actually the problem was my command was long and my SSH editor was guilty that was breaking the command into two lines! i dint notice it earlier and my half of the command was lying on the other line so, i was getting the error. thanks

Jigar Mehta