What is changing my LF to CRLF?


Hi, here’s what is happening:

  1. wrote a static HTML page on Linux, with Unix line endings and UTF8 charset.

  2. Edited it on my daytime PC, Win7, in JEdit, and made sure to save it with Unix line endings and UTF8.

  3. Uploaded it to dreamhost directory using WinSFTP, with the transfer mode set to binary. The local and remote show the same number of bytes.

  4. Downloaded the page from the web using Firefox 21

  5. Opened it in JEdit - it has kept the UTF8 but line endings now have been changed to CRLF!!!

How is this happening?


I have no idea, but did you try ‘automatic’ ftp mode, or text?

I don’t know JEdit. I have used TextPad for years in a Windows/*nix environment.