What is and how do you use subdomains

Also I have a general question, can a subdomain be hosted with it’s own content which is different from my primary domain?
I though I could, so I tried to register the domain name as a subdomain to my account but it is saying I do not have any subdomains left. I only have two registered domains and my account allows for 5. This is the error message I get “Oops. You’ve reached the limit for domains you can host on this account! You can remove this limit by upgrading to our Happy Hosting plan.”
Can you please help me?

Subdomains are separate entities from your main (top level) domain. You don’t “register” them, you just add them as required. I’ve never heard of the apparent error you’re receiving however it appears to be due to not being on a regular (shared/VPS/Dedicated) hosting plan – which you’ll probably need in order to add subdomains.

The Happy Hosting plan they mention in that error is their Web Hosting -> Shared Unlimited plan. It’s reasonably priced and should give you everything you need for hosting and email purposes.

Which plan did you initially sign up for?

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