What is an index.php.off file?

I stuffed up (several times) installing WordPress into a subdirectory to the extent I needed help from DreamHost support - the problem was quickly solved and my site functions as expected.

But instead of an index.php file in my site’s root directory I have an index.php.off file.

What is the difference here? What does the suffix .off do? The content of the file superficially looks to be same as an index.php

Searches of WP.org, Google and here haven’t turned up anything relevant.

Thanks for any info.


Might be just a copy of the index.php file that an admin created as a backup while working to get your site in order (just a guess.)

Don’t know; there is no index.php file but the site works so I presume the index.php.off file is doing what the index.php should.

I might ask via a ticket if someone who knows doesn’t comment in the next few days.

Thank you for your thoughts.

renaming the file .off makes it so that the file is not recognized as php. The concept is the same as naming the backup of a file as .old or .bak renaming a .php file to .php.off is essentially “turning off” its function.

Wordpress isn’t incredibly picky where it’s index file is located relative to it other files, the index.php being used by your site is somewhere else. We can’t tell from the information you’ve given exactly what was done, or which folder you should look int o find the active index.php, but keyplyr seems to be correct, someone made a copy of the index.php elsewhere and left an inactivated copy behind (inactivated because it was renamed with an invalid suffix).

I didn’t say that exactly correctly…

index.php is a special file name that IF it exists in a folder it is the code executed if the folder itself is accessed by apache. By renaming it with the suffix .off it will no longer be recognized as the special name index.php

Thank you very much LakeRat; I understand now and will delete the file. I guess the .off really does say it all :slight_smile: