What is a fair price to charge someone to design?

What is a fair price to charge someone to design a webpage? I had some one ask me to do a webpage for them but I don’t know what a fair rate would be. Could someone help please.




Totally depends on the required functionality and scope of the project. A single static webpage with an email link might be worth less than $100. Something with dynamic functionality, database integration, and customer specific business logic could be worth tons more.

Typically I charge $75 an hour for something challenging, but that can easily fall to $45-50 an hour for an interesting project or when I am getting hungry.

The bottom line is that anything is worth exactly as much as you can get the client to agree to pay you.

I charge $75 per hour for something basic, rising to $120 per hour for things like graphic design and consultancy. I have a $650 minimum.

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That’s the truth, especially when it comes to web development work. :wink:

I generally ask for, and receive, $65.00 per hour, but will usually quote a “flat rate” for a properly specified job - which can result in either a higher or lower hourly rate, depending upon how accurately I evaluated the project.


Thanks all. This will be my first webpage that I will be doing for someone. I am going to try to keep it simple. The pages I do for myself are done with E107 CMS (http://rct3.rwfracing.com ) but I don’t know if I should go that way for this one. I am still in the learning process and they know that.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:



If you are just doing a static page, I would think about hand coding it. No need for a CMS or anything like that.

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I also think it depends on where you live in the world, how good you are, and how fast they want it.

If the project calls for a CMS where the client will be adding their own content on a regular basis and there is little to no chance of return work you can charge a little more per hour I feel. But if the content is static for the most part and the client will need it changed a 2-3 times a year, and will be using you to change the content, you can charge a bit less.

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