What is a better url? subdomain or / (slash)

I have a question…

for a landing page, what will be the best way to format the URL…
-> keyword.example.com
-> example.com/keyword


Please share your suggestions… i just want to create a url that is both search engine and user friendly…


With a subdirectory, you don’t have to wait for DNS to propagate, so if you are in a hurry, that’s the way to go. They are easier to create/delete and are a bit less cluttered on the backend.

Definitely the first option.

The most important world first. Like this for exemple: general => settings => advanced. :slight_smile:

in my opinion second one because google consider keyword.example.com is another site or sub domain so it will effect your seo
but in the case of example.com/keyword is okey
big example is example.com/blog/

I like the second option and often use it. It’s easy and cheap. As for SEO, you should do everything more carefully. You can modify such designs as per your desired requirements.