What IP Address for A Name C Name

I am building a new site for someone that currently has the e-mail hosted elsewhere. They will continue to host the e-mail but I want to host the pages here at DH.

I have previously set up one of my clients by having them change the DNS settings to NS1,Ns2, Ns3 dreamhost.com etc… and then making an A name for the ip of their e-mail server and then creating a custom MX record. That worked well in the DH panel.

But this new client wants me to give them an ip address and they will do the A name or C name and have that point to DH. In other words they will do the custom DNS settings.

How does this work with DH? Do I just add the domain as usual to my plan and what IP address would I give to him?



just setup the domain here on DH and them check the IPs, and tell whom manages your client dns to point an A record to that IP.

REMEMBER that this IPs might change, and every subdomain you create will (most) probably have a diferent IP.
One solution would be to use a subdomain at dreamhosters.com and have you DNS have a frame page of that subdomain

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So is it the IP of the server that my account is on?

its the ip that your domain/sub-domain is.
see here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&current_step=Index&next_step=ShowZone&domain=YOURDOMAIN

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at http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?249195
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Thanks for the help!


I added the domain in the panel and I see the IP address now.

Will this IP address likely change? ( I am not planning on any subdomains of this site)

I saw in the DH wiki some scripts for keeping the A name up to date but that is a scenario where I would be changin the A Name here. But in my situation that is being done by my client.

From what I understand, the IP will change.

You can add an unique IP to your domain. You need to pay for it. But I’m not sure whether this IP will change or not

You can read http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/KB_/Sign_Up/Hosting_Plans/Unique/_Static_IP_Addresses#Will_my_unique_IP_change.3F

It seems it will change only when they update their servers.

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Yes, the IP address can and undoubtedly will change from time to time. In my experience, this doesn’t happen too often, but you will need to stay on top of it and notify your client if/when it does change.

As Nathan said, you could purchase a unique IP address for your domain, but I believe these are subject to change as well, although it is likely to be a rarer occurrence.


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thanks for the the answers everyone.

The DNS service they are using is DNSMadeEasy.com and it looks like they have some monitor that will alert them if the IP is changed and they have some system to instantly propagate when you update the IP --(have to pay more for that speed though)

So, I guess if they want to do it this way and not point the domain to dreamhost using the NS1, NS2, NS3, servers, then they will have to deal with potential downtime when we need to update the IP (between when we are notified and when we can react, look up the new IP and then update the A name at the DNS) — cant get anyone to just keep it simple anymore —lol