What IMAP server is DH running on the back-end?

I’m setting up a plugin for MantisBT bugtracker that accepts inbound email to create, modify issue items. A cron process polls the email account and retrieves items from named folders. When asking for help on this I was asked what IMAP server we have here at DH.

The issue is that I have IMAP folders with spaces in the names “My Foo Mail” but when trying to create a filter the freeform textbox for the folder doesn’t allow spaces - requires someething like “myfoomail”. There should be a dropdown in addition to, or instead of the text box so that we can select an existing folder.

I dunno if that’s a client-side issue with Mailbox Manager v1.0 or a server issue that it has limited filter support. Or is there an internal name for each folder that I should be able to work out for that filter prompt?


I am not sure what IMAP server DH email runs … I don’t think that knowing that will help in this case. Can you rename the folders to make filters simpler?

Sure, I can rename folders, but we shouldn’t need to do that.
I believe this is a limitation of DH’s Mailbox Manager v1.0 client.
Ref this wiki page which says:

Move it to folder
Puts the email in the specified folder. This is possibly the most useful action, but there are a few caveats/restrictions:

The folder must already exist – the filter cannot make the folder for you. If you enter a folder name that does not exist, the emails will be deleted instead of moved. This is not correct anymore. It Does create the folder.
Folder names are cAsE sEnSiTiVe! Double-check your folder name’s spelling and shift key usage.
The filters cannot use folder names that have spaces in the name.

My test: Create a filter for folder my_test. Send email, the filter triggers and a new my_test is created.
Change the folder name to “My Test” with a space, send a similar email, my_test gets re-created.

So I’ll change this to an enhancement request which allows a filter to be created on folders that have a space in the name, since it is valid for folders to have space names.

For my purposes, however, sure, I’ll use folder names that conform to the filter requirements.


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