What if the support form is down?

I have used the support form in the past and received quick response to problems, but what do we do if our entire server is dead and we can’t even get the support form to come up?

I have advertising in place that is getting no page found.

good question. I never thought that before.

The support form seems the only way to contact DH. We can fax to DH but not for technical and billing support.

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I just discovered dreamhoststatus.com and learned there was a power outage for the whole server building and remaining issues are being worked on. Patience is a virtue.

“Patience is a virtue.”

Indeed it is. Especially when you can’t receive email, your website is down, and you can’t contact customer support.

I still think they do a pretty good job for the price

and each of my websites.
Every single one of the above gives a nice “connection was reset” error when I try to visit them. The only thing I can reach are the main dreamhost ‘www’ domain and these forums. Also, at least the e-mail servers are still working.

I hope they get things back up and running soon, this could get old quick.

From dreamhoststatus.com:

Power Outage Update
Posted 3 hours, 55 minutes ago (February 25th, 2007 at 2:56 am PST) by Justin

Power has been restored to the building and all servers are back up and running. There currently is an issue with a blade in one of the core routers and it is being replaced, so the servers are still unreachable until this issue is corrected. We are working to get service restored as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • UPDATE 04:51 PST -

The supervisor in one of our core routers went kaput when the power went off. It was replaced shortly after the original posting. Further problems arose with corrupt configurations left over from the old supervisor. These have been restored and we have re-established connection to seven out of our eight uplinks. We are currently working on the eighth uplink and everything is coming back to normal operation now. We are close to being 100% and thank everyone for their patience. As always, check this space for updates.

[However, my site is still unreachable. I’m not sure what “close to 100%” means here.]


yah, my site has been down since 2am est this morning… close to 100%? hope it’s 100% SOON!!!

Close to 100% = more than 50% it seems.

Some of my sites are slowly coming back up, but the one with 1700 members is still down.

It’s a tad worrying that a potentially-dodgy UPS cable will bring down the system as a whole for 3 hours and that DH will then bring it all down for another 4 hours (and counting) due to one router.

Surely they should be able to swap one out and shove another in in minutes?

Six hours to sort out the router and it’s still not fixed.

Nine hours to replace a UPS cable and it’s still not working.

Everything of mine came back lickitysplit as predicted. Are you on whiner.dreamhost.com, which is last on the priority list? :wink:

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No. Are you on troll.wiener?

For the mots part if the panel.dreamhost.com is not coming up support already knows about it. As I understand the support reps use the panel a lot so if it’s not working they’ll know right away.

You should also always check dreamhoststatus.com first, but then if you still need to contact support when the panel is down you can E-mail sales@ dh.com and that apparently goes into the same queue as support requests but is flagged differently. Anyways, the point is that they’ll get it.

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Apparently when emailing about opening a support ticket you must be using your primary registered email address.

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