What if I were to

Considering the slowdown of my forum with only a few members on, I am wondering if this would increase the speed:

I currently have another hosting plan with a more reliable company. My original plan was just to transfer over everything, but I thought of this.

What if I were to just upload the FILES of my forum to my other hosting plan, then simply have that forum call the MySQL database of the forum from the one on Dreamhost? Would that make anything faster?

If this is confusing, basically, I would have my php files on my other host, and my database here with Dreamhost. I would have the configuration set so the php files would call the data in the database from the one on Dreamhost.

I am just wondering if this would make anything faster.

To be perfectly straight up, I would just host the entire thing wherever it does best. If you value the idea of being hosted with Dreamhost because of a larger philosophy than merely site performance (but still of course value performance), then contact DH support about the slowness and see if they can do anything for you. If they can fix it and make your forum work like you want it to then you’re good to go. If they cannot, then just move the whole operation to the host that works for you. I personally like having everything working as it should under one roof.

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I think it would slow it down even more. The latency between the remote host and the MySQL server would only increase. :wink: