What have i done?

I’ve registered my domain name and paid for it now what do I do. I have no idea what anything means. I am clue less. I thought it would be a step by step easy process but I don’t know what anything means. Can anyone help without using abbreviations?

It will take some time for your website to become active. It needs to propagate across the web. Once it is done, then you can see your web site.
You should be getting an email from DH with details on your account. I beleive this includes the web link to your control panel.
In the mean time I recommend that you do a little reading to get up to par with the basics.
The DH wiki is full of details including beginner info on what do do next. DreamHost Wiki

here’s a few more
http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html-spec/html-spec_toc.html < - - - The Official source
http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa286532.aspx Microsoft’s info

Hope this helps,

My website

Ok, I try to put it as easy as possible:

A web site is nothing else then one or more documents, which normally are linked to eachother, that are visible on the web.
Have you ever created hyperlinks in worddocuments, it’s the same principle. You create the documents that you want to upload in an editor. Try http://www.nvu.com/index.php it is freeware. Play around with it and then post any questions you have here… Hope that helps, SY

What kind of site you’re willing to create? Blog,forum,photo gallery,personal site or what? If you wanna create a blog,forum,photo gallery etc etc then you can utilise DreamHosts easy-to-use and handle one-click-installs, which don’t require any html or other programming language knowledge(although its wise to know). As a newbie its very useful for you to use the one-click-installs.

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I think the one-click Wordpress installation is about as easy as it can be for someone without experience to have a web presence.

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it really is the most bulletproof way to get SOMETHING up and not looking too ugly. Joomla’s neato but it really seems like a lot of modification is necessary before it will look like “yours”.

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