What happens when site is not payed for?



I’ve tried to look for the answer in the Wiki, but sadly, I couldn’t find anything related to it…

What happens to a site that is hosted by Dreamhost, if the user doesn’t pay their monthly amount ?
Will the site be permanently removed, or will it just stay in plage as a blanc document until they pay again?



Only DreamHost knows for sure, but as I recall, users who pay annually (or more) have something like a 90 (or 60) day grace period. Theirs might not actually get shut down, but it sounds like it’s at least retained for a while.



Thanks Scot.

I hope some admins will reply as well :wink:


This is a user to user forum and you may have to wait a long time for an ‘admin’ to answer your question.

Why not contact DreamHost support and get the correct answer straight away.

As Scott says, only DreamHost know for sure.

We could make something up. :slight_smile:


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