What happens if an account expires?

I have reason to believe a friend’s account has expired due to nonpayment. Assuming he intends to rectify the situation ASAP, what happens to his domain registrations and his data? Is it immediately wiped, or will he be able to recover it?

If this is discussed in the wiki, feel free to link it… my attempts to search the wiki were fruitless, as usual.

A dreamhost “account” doesn’t expire. Dreamhost hosting expiration would only coincidentally be related to the expiration of the domain name. If the DH account was created at the same time the domain was registered, depending upon the term of the domain registration and the tern of the DH hosting that was purchased they could expire at the same time, but not necessarily.

Two different things, and two different answers. Your friend should contact support. The web-id that provides access to the Dreamhost Control Panel from which he can send a support request is unrelated to the expiration of hosting or domains.