What happened?

I restored my Wordpress site so I think I’m back to normal. But I don’t understand how this problem could have happened.


  1. Missing home page (which caused me to vanish from my first-page Google ranking).
  2. Missing popular page on ghostwriting.
  3. No access to the login module.

Curiously, all other pages functioned.

I think the site is good now. But what is the likely cause for such an event and will it happen again. This is not a new install or the result of an upgrade. The DH backup worked like, er, a dream.

Curious…I have a website that had the same exact thing happen after upgrading to WP 3.8

Home page (named Home) just vanished…I have not had time to troubleshoot yet, since it is a sort of test site.

sierracircle, If you do find out, please post your results here. I’m just hoping Google will reinstate my rank. I’ve been on vacation and haven’t checked my site for a couple of weeks, but I think it happened in the last five days because that’s the backup date I restored from. Curiouser and curiouser.

Okay…I went and checked it out.

It looks like a plugin called Post Type Switcher was switching my pages to posts during save, or auto-save.

So when I made a few changes to my home-page and saved, it converted it to a post, and therefore was no longer the front-page.

Disabled the plugin to prevent it from happening again. Went into my database and found my home page and changed the post_type field to page and my home-page was back.

This plugin must not work well with the recent WP 3.8 update.

I don’t have that plugin, but thanks for sharing. My home page “seems” to be showing up so I’ll keep an eye on it.

When you were debugging, did you try disabling all the plugins by going in via FTP and renaming the folder to plugins-off ? That’s a fast way to see if a plugin is being an idiot.