What happened to wordpress



I installed WordPress with one-click, custom installation, deselected ‘Deluxe’, because I did not need any not-needed themes.
I went to standard url to login to Wp backend - nothing but directory list of files. I click on install, went through login setup, tried to login to backend again, nothing but directory list. I figured only Deluxe will work, so I went back to cpanel, uninstalled WP, started again with one-click install, this time selecting deluxe, the same database.
Again - there is nothing but directory list when I try to login to backend of WP. Password works, WP files are on the server in wp subfolder, but I have nothing but directory list of files when I try to login. I installed tens of WP on other hosts, and it was always OK.
What is going on, what am I missing here?


Do you have an index.php file? Did you get the email to activate your WP installation? That’s the final step of the process. It doesn’t just get installed and become ready for you to use it.


Yes, there is index.php file that I see in the directory list, but when I click on it I only see directory list, nothing else happened. No, I did not get email to activate installation.


Check your spam filter. It’s very possible the email didn’t get in the right place.

Or go to:


You will be asked to give your blog a title, set up your admin account with a username and password, and one or two other things. This may be the reason your installation isn’t functioning.


This is ridiculous. I was able to get into back end through wp-admin directory listing, index file, I selected theme and made sure i have some sample page, but my site is still only showing directory listing.
What a pain in the b… I am not a novice, this hosting has issues. I am wasting my time - many hours already. If I can’t sort it out quickly, I am taking my client to a new host!


OK, well, that’s what service tickets are for. :slight_smile: