What happened to the layout?

Hello all,
I’m as green as grass in web production and very frustrated.

My layout works in Firefox when I preview it in Firefox via BBEdit. When I uploaded it to the ftp site, the front page showed the Index until I found out from this forum that I had to rename the main code file “index.html.” Thank you!

Now at least I can see the verbiage I want at the site, but all the text is the same size and the layout has been lost.

I uploaded an .html file, a .css file, and a .image folder which contains .gifs. They are all at the same level in the domain.com folder.

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

Many many thanks to you kind souls who help all of us who are lost in the web wilderness.


Without seeing it, we’d have no idea. What’s the URL?


It’s rittenhousewritersgroup.com.

Thanks for responding.


I noticed the .css file was 4kb before uploading, but once uploaded it was 0kb, so I tried re-uploading and the same thing happened.

Could that be part of the problem?

Most of the content is “Not Found.” I strongly recommend that you avoid upper case for file names. That’s not necessarily the problem, but it often makes life more difficult.

For now, try a different FTP client, like Filezilla (free) or WebFTP via the Panel under Domains -> Manage Domains.


Are the .css file and the images folder supposed to have specific names?

Thank you, Scott. When I tried uploading with the WebFTP in the panel, the css file came up 0 again, so I looked at the code online and saw there was nothing there. I looked at the code for the .html file and saw that there were specifications for various things in there and I thought, “Why do I need the .css file anyway?” So I deleted it, and that was it. The site is showing correctly now.

I’m not sure why the .css file was generated in the first place, but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Thanks again for your help.