What happened to my email?

My mail from March 20 to the present has vanished? For some reason I cannot receive email anymore and looks like all the mail I did receive in the past week or so has dissappeared. Does anyone out there know why that is, has it happened to anyone else?

What mail client are you using? Are you using POP or IMAP? Have you tried webmail?


Hi, I think my mail client is POP and I am using webmail. I just noticed that I’m now receiving email but the mail I had received between March 20 and earlier today is still missing. How can I retrieve that?

POP and webmail are very different. Are you using webmail only? Start looking through all the folders in webmail.

On the off chance that you know of someone who sent you something during the outage, did it bounce, or just disappear?


I use webmail only. I received emails after the outage (emails that should have been delivered during) I’ve checked all my folders and my missing emails from 20th - 28th are still missing. Do you have any idea what happened to them and how can I retrieve them??

If you’ve received mails recently that were sent during the outage, they may be stuck in a queue somewhere. Submit a ticket to support and explain what you’ve observed.


I think your misunderstanding me. I had many emails dating from March 20 - March 28 in my account. During the weird outage they dissappeared. What happened to them and how can I retrieve them? Its like all my activity during that time has been washed? For example emails I deleted in that time period are now showing in my inbox…

Sorry, you mentioned that you received email after (that should have been delivered during), which I took to mean that some of it was held up.

Now that it seems like it got reverted, that sounds like the Homie issue (though this predates your problem):

Check the Panel under Account Status to see what your email server is. And drop a note to Support.


No problem… This might sound like a dumb question but how do I contact support, I don’t see a link anywhere. And I don’t see a link on how to find my account details so I know what email server I’m using. Please help. And thanks again!

In the panel:

Upper Right is an “Account Status” dropdown window.

Lower Left is the Support section:


Okay thanks. But for some reason I cannot login in. I am an end user so will my system administrator need to login using his ID? What if I can’t get intouch with him will I still be able to get the problem resolved?

DreamHost Support only communicates with the account owner, so you’ll have to go that route.