What Gives?

This is my site:


I feel like an idiot… this is all I want it to look like as of right now, simple and direct. The file is named index.html, so what gives!!! why is just the code showing up as text. WTF.

Your HTML code is all goobered up. When I grab the .html file, it’s actually a legitimate HTML file with embedded HTML code in brackets. What did you use as a text editor?

If you want simple and direct, use WebFTP in the panel here and hand edit the file. That will keep the code clean.


It looks like a docx document. The first 2 letters are PK (PKZip compressed) with XML documents through out.

I don’t even see code. Just the binary translation into chars (when the browser doesn’t know how to display and is not setup to download).

Ah, you can’t just save a word file as “index.html.” You have to actually make sure to export it as a proper HTML document. Before you upload it, open it in Notepad to make sure it all looks peachy.

thank you all for the replies! I have a mac but run parallels… I’m new to mac but just used text/edit initially… after reading your responses I just went over into windows and used notepad like I used to in the good old days.

NOW what I can’t figure out though is why my image link is showing up larger than it really is. OY. I feel like I’m way way out of the loop.

You specified 650 wide by 150 high. Is that not what you wanted?

For the Mac, a great free text editor is TextWrangler: