What files can I delete in the web root?

I know I’ve seen the answer somewhere in here before, but I’m starting over with my website and need to delete everything out. I thought I remembered that I had to keep some file(s) in the root directory of the website. Do I have to keep anything or can I delete all the files?

Clarification: in my websitename.com directory under my Dreamhost root.

You can delete any of the default files (favicon.ico, favicon.gif, quickstart.html), but we recommend that you leave the (empty) favicon files in place unless you plan to replace them. They’re harmless, and having them there can help avoid some surprising performance issues with certain applications.

To expand on that, you can delete anything that the system will let you delete. Last I checked, deleting a favicon file is temporary, as the system will just put an empty one back in.

If you totally want to start over on your site, you can even delete (or rename) the example.com folder and make a new one that’ll be empty.

Okay, just to clarify, I can actually just rename example.com to example-old.com and create a new example.com that is empty, and the system should automatically put the favicon files in there for me in the blank folder. Then I can just do a fresh install of something like WordPress, and should have no problems from scratch. Right? If so, that was much easier than I remembered it being…