What exactly is this Files Forever thing?

I’m a little fuzzy as to what the Files Forever thing is all about.

What is the bottom-line purpose of the Files Forever system?

Once a file is put up, is its traffic tracked differently?

As I understand it, ‘Files Forever’ is a service, separate from your hosting, that allows you to store files for a fee (currently a once only fee of $2 per GByte) and allow others to download them. You can, if you choose,set a cost for the file, which others will have to pay before downloading them and DreamHost will handle the billing for you.

I can see this as a great way to distribute shareware applications etc.

Since the file is transfered from your hosting space to a ‘Permanent online file archive’, I don’t think any downloads of that file will affect your bandwidth quota.


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There is a few details on the official blog :

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Can you edit the file once it’s online? Or, once it’s assigned it’s PURL, do you have to leave it exactly as is and if you want to upload a newer version, do you have to re-market a completely different PURL?

I think this is a question best directed at the developers of the service.

I was going to suggest that you post the question to the currently active discussion in the ‘beta testing’ section of the forums, but I see that you have already done so. :slight_smile:


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I have no problem with paying more per GB, but I don’t see the need to pay 1 cent per download when I’m offering files for free.

That totally takes away the reason I wanted to use this for. If I have anything I want to SELL, however…I’ll look into this.

edit: Hmm…I’m going to look into the “Loan” option. I’m not quite sure how that works. Can someone loan "supersoniciv@yahoo.com" a test file?