What Exactly DreamHost Wants me To Do?


[quote]If they give 120 Dollar 1 year Hosting for just 22 Dollars then how do they make profit :open_mouth:


Because the hosting really costs only 10 dollars. ;->

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Oh well from next year I will have to pay 120 Dollars?

Thats fair because I have heard a lot and a lot about Dreamhost

Especially I am a blogger and Bloggers seem to love Dreamhost

by the way do these people have down times? big ones?

The main reason I wana leave lypha.com is because of their stupid SMTP which is always down and SQL and Site downtimes

and do Image Hosting sites work good with Dreamhost?

and do Dreamhost sites survive the digg.com frontpage effect?

lol thats many questions but I think I should be clear before making a 1 year + lifetime contract



For most of those questions, YMMV. All hosts have downtimes. I have not found DH downtimes to be a significant issue for me and myu clients.

As for “image hosting” site, it depends a lot on what you are hosting and how you are hosting it. :wink: Good code, static pages, efficient MySQL, etc. generally works very well - bad code, sloppy site, etc. not so much (such sites “suck” most everywhere).

Dreamhosters have reported surviving Digg well; other report problems…there are a lot of variable involved in that whole discussion.

There is a lot of discussion on almost all those question in these forums. I suggest you take the time to search a bit through the forums and see for yourself what others have to say. :wink:



oh well rlparker in all cases thanks for answering my questions

Never expected such a fast support from a hosting and its members

…and off the Fax goes :smiley: yay


Oh and by the way guys :stuck_out_tongue: don’t forget to comment on my blog at sizlopedia.com :smiley:

Soon it shall be a part of this family



  1. image hosting - DH is actually a little slow for Gallery sites because of their server setup. It’s livable for low traffic sites but you might look into another host or serious tweaking if you’re going to have a high traffic Gallery site.
  2. digg - Almost anyone is going to have serious problems if their site gets seriously dugg or slashdotted. If it happens you have to really stay on top and make sure the page in question gets cached or is turned into a static page.

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hi, lensman. I’m just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is DH slow for gallery? What set up is required to host gallery?

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Somehow you haven’t quite understood democracy yet. He is your president, even if you voted against him – just as you are subject to his administration, even though it may not like the fact that it has to cater to all Americans, not just 50%.

The issue is that Dreamhost, in its default setup, uses PHP-CGI. That means that for every PHP request served, a new PHP interpreter has to be invoked, the script compiled, and executed. The Wiki says that this is not slower than mod_php or such, but sorry, that is just pure and utter bullshit :slight_smile:

You can’t use the mod_php either (it is active at Dreamhost, but obviously with safe_mode and all kinds of other broken PHP “security”. This is not a fault of DH, but of the ill-conceived security approach safe_mode provides).

You can, however, use PHP-FCGI with eAccelerator or such. That way the PHP interpreter will be persistent (no startup or teardown costs worth mentioning), the scripts will all just be compiled once and cached, and the site will be fast. There are tutorials on the wiki for this. If you cannot use mod_php (and with Gallery you can’t), this is the way to go. Even if you can use mod_php, PHP-FCGI may offer benefits due to your ability to use eAccellerator or other such Caches.

2. digg - Almost anyone is going to have serious problems if their site gets seriously dugg or slashdotted. If it happens you have to really stay on top and make sure the page in question gets cached or is turned into a static page.[/quote]
Or write the code in a way which does this automatically. Granted, that is hard with AJAX or such, but I generally write my dynamic sites that have a potential to be hit by storms of traffic in a way that either makes a manifold increase in hits negligible (there is no reason for content to be recreated for every page hit in most cases; often it is enough to just update it every 5 minutes server-side, or even on-demand and cache it. For instance, with some mod_rewrite magic, you can check for a cached static version of a page or some content easily (file existence check), and if it does not yet exist you can redirect the hit to a page that actually generates and caches the content in that file; the next time somebody accesses it (say from a Slashdot crowd), it will be the static version being served; A cronjob deleting files 5 minutes or older every 5 minutes takes care of pruning. You can also use this technique within PHP or Perl scripts quite easily (including files in PHP is easy, as are file_exists checks); combined with FastCGI and decent database layouts, you can grow quite a bit before resources become a problem. Using both of these techniques I’ve survived several slashdottings and similar traffic surges without actually having to be present when the foo hits the fan :slight_smile:

If you want to go REALLY fancy, try implementing a load indicator and have your website change behavior depending on load (dynamic page hits per second for the last 10 minutes, for instance, is a nice indicator). If it hits a threshold, temporarily disable most dynamically created things (random image, “hottest forum post”, recent comments, etc.), or have users specifically request a refresh on them :slight_smile:


Ha Ha, point taken! (actually I do understand how democracy, and the representative republic, works) I was being a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek" there. However, exactly how much a “free” man is, or should be, “subject to his administration” is a whole different issue and brings into focus the whole federal versus states’ authority issue (among others!)

While off-topic here, the present administration’s caviler attitudes towards the constitution and the Bill of Rights makes that an even more complicated discussion. Is there a point at which a patriot, as in the classic use of the term (not as in “Patriot Act”), should refuse to be “subject” to an administration? :wink:

Just to be completely accurate, safe_mode is not in use on DH’s mod_php installation. There are, indeed, many “borken” aspects of their mod_php that are the result of trying to improve “security”.

Your PHP-FCGI discussion and advice for developing a Digg friendly site are great stuff! :slight_smile: