What *exactly* can you get with promo codes?

I’ve looked around, but I can’t find anything other than:
a. Unique IPs take away $30
b. Extra domains take away $15
c. You have $97 to use.

I’ve seen extra bandwidth/ space advertised, what would that take away from the $97? (i.e, for every 1%, $1 off?)

Note: I’ve already checked with dreamhost support, but they referred me to an option in the dreamhost panel – which was strange, because I haven’t signed up yet, and therefore don’t have access.

You can “get” whatever you can find someone offering, or whatever you can get someone to make for you, based on the following:

Make your own DreamHost promo code and you’ll get $97 (less the discount you give and cost to you of any bonus features) every time somebody uses it to sign up!


Extra Disk Bonus?
You lose $9 of rewards per 10% disk you give

Extra Bandwidth Bonus?
You lose $9 of rewards per 10% bandwidth you give

Free Domain Registration Bonus?
You lose $15 of rewards per free lifetime domain registration you give

Unique IP Bonus?
You lose $30 of rewards per free lifetime unique IP you give

You don’t have to have sign-up for a DH hosting account to make promo codes - just sign-up for a web-id and you can pimp promo codes just like a customer, and you can see all these plan details from within the rewards section of the panel.


I wasn’t aware you could get a web-id without buying hosting. But doesn’t that mean you can sign up for a web-id, then use your own promo code? I.e. Dreamhost loses some fees?

Thanks for your reply!

I did think of doing that but in the end I just used someone elses code when I signed up. I figured they may notice something like that.

Get [color=#00CC00]$97 DISCOUNT[/color] with [color=#CC0000]DISCOMBO97[/color] > More Codes

[quote]I wasn’t aware you could get a web-id without buying hosting. But doesn’t that mean you can sign up for a web-id, then use your own promo code? I.e. Dreamhost loses some fees?

Thanks for your reply![/quote]
You’re most welcome!

You know, I never even thought of doing that - and I don’t know if you could or if the system would somehow prevent it. :open_mouth: .

I do know that there are “several” folks out there that peddle promo codes as affiliates that do not host at DH - the “rewards” system does not require that you be a customer to participate :wink: .


Hmm… trying to login with a bad username & password, and clicking on the sign-up link redirects you to the hosting sign up page… So I don’t think you can get access to the panel without registering.

I was under the impression though that the $97 went towards your account payment, i.e. you don’t get cash. Wonder why they’re still doing it then.

EDIT This post was a partial brain-fart, see my subsequent post for proper information. :open_mouth:

That’s strange. I suppose it’s possible that they changed that with the recent panel/website upgrade. In the past you could sign up for a web-id without a hosting plan, but I can’t find that link now either. Maybe I gave you a bum steer. :frowning: .

By default, the $97 goes toward your hosting plan if you have one*, but you can arrange for other methods of reward payments - and I know you could participate in rewards without a hosting plan.

Of course, I’ve been here so damn long, and it’s been ages since I’ve played with that side of the system, things may have changed…though just recently I know of a user that is running promo codes with no hosting plan.

Hopefully, someone who know the keystrokes for that will pipe up…I’ll go look for the link(s) . :open_mouth:


You can still do that :

  1. click my signature link and than choose whatever plan will do.
  2. Fill in your data (remember your email and password)
  3. Click continue to secure payment. [edit : No need to fill in payment information]
  4. An account is created for you by now. you can use that email and password to login to the panel and create your promotion code. When you got more than $20 confirmed (your referred customers stay more than 97 days), you can cash out your money.

FULL_97_OFF <-CLICK = host 1 yr for $22.4

Doh! I guess I’m just getting tired (pulled an "allnighter here).

The DH wiki explains it all - and yes youcan get a “free” web-id without having to sign up for a plan - the link just isn’t obvious. :wink:

You can also participate n the rewards/referral program without having a hosting plan (and at no cost to you). At any rate, it’s all in that page. Sorry for being “slow-witted” on that one!


His question was about getting a web-id without signing up for a plan, so one could create promo codes and participate in the referral system without cost.

My subsequent post in this thread shows how to do that, and does not require clicking on anybody’s “signatrure link”, claiming you as his referrer, eating any cookies, or other such, to get a free web-id and make their own promo codes. :wink:


Rather than going part way through the sign up for a plan you can go to http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting-rewards.html.

Down the bottom there is a link at the bottom under get started now.

Get [color=#00CC00]$97 DISCOUNT[/color] with [color=#CC0000]DISCOMBO97[/color] > More Codes

Thank you for sharing that! One of the problem with us “old-timers” is that we are so used to the “old” DH site, and panel, we sometimes stare at the pretty new one and can’t seem to see a damn thing anymore. :frowning:

“Let’s see…Where did they put that link? I know it’s here *somewhere!” :open_mouth:


Regarding using your own promo code it is against the conditions

New accounts must use a different credit card number from the referrer to qualify for rewards credit for the referrer. Customers also cannot refer themselves or their spouse/civil union partner. No exceptions will be made.

Get [color=#00CC00]$97 DISCOUNT[/color] with [color=#CC0000]DISCOMBO97[/color] > More Codes

Yeah, and I for one wouldn’t chance it since the penalty is loss of all rewards credit. Chances are that over time, you’ll make enough off of referrals to make up for not referring yourself.

OTOH, it may take you while before your referrals add up to more than the $97 savings you get from using a promo code!

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