What Editor Do You Use

I looked around and it did not seem this topic had been discussed very recently. If it has and I just missed it, please point me to it.

I am looking for your opinion on your preferred editor. I know all you young smarty pants are just using notepad to create. And I also do ok with html, but shouldn’t we be focusing more on CSS?

Hey and if you have a FREE option you can provide a review for, please let me here it.


EditPad provides all of my text editing needs. I actually use the pro version as it has syntax coloring available but I highly recommend the lite version if you don’t care about that. As for css, I use Topstyle every now and again. Again, I use the pro version of that but the lite version is ok too.

I could use topstyle pro for everything really but I prefer doing things in editpad since I’m horribly lazy and use drupal for most of my sites anyway so I rarely have the need to edit pages locally to upload anywhere. I really only use topstyle if I’m playing around with different color schemes and such since it can load a template file to show you how the changes would impact a web page.

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Dreamweaver has awesome handling of CSS built into it… with handy little options boxes that allow you to see what all is available to you, then just make your selections, set your parameters (for example, setting margins, font sizes and types, borders, positioning, whatever), and it will generate the necessary code for you, which you can then very easily access in the slit window (code on top, design on bottom) and make all the manual tweaks you’d like.

lol @ dreamweaver or any other gui editor. i think those programs are crutches. sure, it helps you if you don’t know anything about authoring for the web but that’s why you should take the time to learn html, css, xml, php, ajax, flavorofthemonth, etc on your own :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for these reviews. I hope others will post some more options also. I will look into these for sure. Is anyone using KompoZer? I likes free!


We LOVE free! Give it a shot and let us know how it goes :wink:

Design one page with KompoZer and you’ll have outdone most of the “web designers” online.

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lol@ folks who think everyone has the same goals in life and should be all be fully devoted to being arrogant developers rather than simply wanting a way to get their content on the web until they get things rolling and can then hire people who have devoted themselves full time to learning languages but won’t be hiring elitist goobers who lol at folks for having different needs… lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

i use eclipse (http://www.eclipse.org/) with php, web development, database, and svn plugins. i edit php files that generate xhtml, rss, xml, and css as well as css, js, and sql files (the sql files are just create table statements so i can see how my tables are set up).

it’s free, multi-platform (i use it on both linux and windows), and supports phpdoc for the functions in my php libraries, and can also autocomplete things i’m typing for me. it probably wouldn’t help much for somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing and just wants to throw a static site out there as quickly as possible, but it’s perfect for somebody like me.

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I use DreamWeaver. I can code my php and mysql and design at the same time, it’s awesome.

Some developers are getting arrogant and pushy because they know these programs are cutting profits.

Hi Ken,

I’m totally new to this myself, and I’m using Dreamweaver CS3. It’s not the current version so it can often be purchased for a reasonable price (I got a full legal copy off eBay for under $100). It will help you learn HTML and CSS if you want – the workspace can be configured to show the code generated by Dreamweaver while you work. You can edit any code it generates and/or add your own, or work entirely in “code mode” if desired. There are online tutorials dedicated to DW CS3, plus the usual “For Dummies” books.

I researched free tools first. As is often the case, I quickly realized that spending a modest amount can be very cost effective if you value your time.

This is my first post, by the way. Hope it’s useful!

Sunnyvale, California

This exactly what I am doing. :slight_smile: I love Dreamweaver! :slight_smile:



I’m still using Dreamweaver 8. I use both the design and code views. I code it then see what’ll be like with the design view, though i also have xampp installed for the php aspect of it

The sites I create are nothing special but I use Alleycode HTML editor, which is also free

I used to use Kompozer but I find Alleycode a bit better. It also for a synchro view that shows roughly how it looks like and it has an easy view in browser setting to show you what your current work looks like in a browser.

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For a multi-syntax editor, I’ve been using PSPad for a couple years now. I went through Crimson and Context and a few others over the years that I can’t remember. It’s not perfect but it is extensible with macros. It takes a while to figure out where a lot of things are but for basic use it’s a real good notepad replacement and general purpose editor. I fire it up dozens of times every day.

For more serious coding I used to use Komodo and may try that again at some point, but these days I’m using NetBeans which is good with PHP and JavaScript as well as Java for which it’s better known. I haven’t done any CSS with it that I can remember yet so I can’t comment on that. I have the limited version of TopStyle Lite on my PC but every time I start it I remember why I think it’s crap. Maybe the full version is better but if the Lite version is any hint then I’m not going to pay to help make a decision.


Notepad++ - probably the best text editor i’ve ever known and it’s free. It competes against editpad as listed above.

Dreamweaver isn’t bad either.

Vim, Emacs, BBEdit, Textmate

I use textwrangler, the free version of bbedit, for macintosh

Dreamweaver is best among all the editors. Iam using CS4 version it supports all the CSS,PHP,JAVA SCRIPT etc.

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I have a wysiwyg editor in my cms creloaded.

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