What download speed do you get?

Hey Folks,

Just moved to VPS, preparing for an educational-streaming-videos website.

Videos weren’t streaming well at first, and when tested I was only able to download 100-200 kbps from my server via a web browser. After a little while of downloading, the rate increased to around 1.2mbps.

I’m concerned about why I was getting such a slow download rate at first.

I’ve put a large ZIP file (2GB of videos squished together) at www.kirtancentral.com/download/219/8lessonvids.zip

Can some of you try downloading it (just part way) and tell me what download speed you’re getting right off the bat, within the first couple seconds of the download beginning?

(Or if there’s a better way to test this, please let me know!)


660 kB/sec from Australia over ADSL2+