What does this do exactly? "I will still check my email at Dreamhost"

I have a client using Dreamhost/Barracuda. They are receiving TONS of spam & it is not hitting the Barracuda mail filter and it feels like its being routed directly to the Dreamhost bypassing Barracuda filter. My client is hesitant in unchecking this option because in the past when it was unchecked they stopped receiving all mail. Could someone confirm what this feature does exactly? I don’t want to interrupt their mail flow unnecessarily so any advise would be greatly appreciated!

When I spoke with support this is what they had to say:

The issue you are having has to do with the way you have your email configured. Under your DNS settings, you have the option “I will still check my email at Dreamhost” checked. This means that any email sent directly to our mail server will be delivered to you. If you only want Barracuda to process email, you will want to uncheck this option

If they’re redirecting email through to a third-party filter you need to configure their email client to connect to that endpoint rather than to the (original) DH account.

Thanks for that sXi!

Their MX & SPF are pointing to Barracuda but I’m assuming that the connector in DH needs to be configured as well. Once the connector is configured & the records point to Barracuda would you turn off the “I will still check my email at Dreamhost” option?

Thanks ahead of time.

If MX is set correctly in DNS then the mail should be being sent to your desired endpoint. With the [also keep here] box checked you also receive a copy of any original mail at the dreamhost-hosted box. If your client is connecting to the DH box to read the mail then they will be seeing original unfiltered mails.

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