What does it mean that I have mail in MailDir?

I set up my first cron job. When logging out of Nano I noticed a message that said “You have new mail in /home/XXXXXXX/Maildir/” (X = my real sites path).

What does this mean and what do I need to do, if anything?


It means you have new mail and what you need to do is check your mail?

Oh, and what it means by mail is e-mail, you know, electronic mail. Guess you didn’t know you can recieve email notifications when using shell access. Heck, other users could probably send you short messages or even chat with you if they new you were on. Dunno if you can do that on DreamHost though, but used to do that back in college on a VAX. Anyways, if the system sees you logged in interactively, well it will interact with you if its configured to do so…

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You can add a line like this:


With where you would like the cron-related e-mails to be directed. That’s helpful when first trying to make a cron job work properly.

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