What does Create a New Account do?

Over in the Billing>>Manage Accounts section of the DreamHost control panel, you’re allowed to create a new account. How do people use that? Do they have multiple payment accounts connected to the same hosting plan?

Also, the panel shows a table with the hosting plans associated with each account. Since you can only have hosting plan active at a time, this seems a bit odd from the UI perspective, right? Is there some history here that I don’t know about?

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There seems to be a difference between what the tos says and the description at the top of the add account menu.

The tos does say you can only have one account but the panel says

If you have several hosting services with us that you’d like to bill separately from each other, you should use multiple accounts!

Did you know one Web ID can own any number of accounts? It’s true![/quote]
The only thing I can think of is that you can use this to set up an account for someone else you are creating a site for and have them billed seperately.

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