What do you guys use subdomains for?

I have a domain that is for my family to use, mostly photo albums. I’d like to set up a section to run a message board/forum for my friends and I but I don’t want my family name domain to be part of the URL.

Can I do this with a subdomain and cloaking?

What is cloaking?

As I understand your question, No. You can’t.

your subdomain would be somethign like whatever.familydomiain.com - so while it’s content and all is totaly seperate from your family domain, it still uses the same name.

URL cloaking works like this: You’re on domain.com and follow a link that actually takes you to domain2.com but to your user it looks like they are still on domain.com


You can’t but you can add a subdomain of dreamhosters.com, eg. boardformyfriends.dreamhosters.com. It’s completly free and you can choose any 3rd level domain,. unless it’s already used obviously.

Well, let me join the guessing game.

  1. You own and host your-family.com.
  2. You create a sub-domain forum.your-family.com.
  3. You also own friends-forum.com.
  4. You use the “cloaking” service (very often comes free with registration) of the registrar and point friends-forum.com to forum.your-family.com.

Is that what you are trying to do?

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That’s gonna solve it! I just tried that boardformyfriends.dreamhosters.com approach. I tried it earlier but I think I was using blablabla.dreamhost.com, without the ‘ers’.


So DH does not support subdomains then?

E.g., I just helped migrate a friend’s site from a Very Bad Web Host to Dream Host. Her original setup was (it’s a car enthusiast site, BTW):

Main pages: z-gal.com


So now, we will just have to create subdirectories and leave it at that, correct?


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No, DH fully supports Sub-domains. Just go into the panel, Doamins > Manage > and add a new domain. tyep in the subdomain that you want - al.z-gal.com and it will set it up. You’re allowed un-linited sub-domains now so you can add as many as you like.

Ones that’s set up when you FTP in you’ll see a new folder along side of your z-gal.com domain al-z-gal.com just put your files there and it will work! This also keeps each of the sub-domains totaly seperate from eachother, so you can do anything you want with each of them.