What do I do with the DNS?


I’m totally new in this area and i dont know what to do with the NS when and where do I put them?
I’ve got 3 DNS from you and 2 from the domain, where should I put what?
When I go to 'clancy.dreamhost.com I reach nowhere,
Please explain to me from A because I dont have any idea about it.
And what is going on with your support? I’ve sent mail and you sent me a replay that you cannot accept my mail…what kind of service is that?!



I believe clancy.dreamhost.com is registered in DH. Basically you don’t need to do anything with DNS. You change DNS record only when you want to move your domain among hosting companies.

If your account is already approved, you should now upload your web pages to your server. You can do it either via your own FTP client or via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP

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Have you registered a domain somewhere? You need to pay for a domain, plus the hosting. It sounds like you’ve paid for hosting.

Support works through a ticket system to track issues. You can submit a ticket in the Panel under the Support section.