What DNS names should I use on my DreamCompute?

In setting up a domain in Dreamcompute, What DNS names should I use ?

It depends on how you will have the services on DreamCompute listening for your incoming connections. A safe bet is to do normal A records for your domain, to the floating IP address of your instance. If the domain is registered with DreamHost, or is using our nameservers (ns1/ns2/ns3.dreamhost.com), then you can setup a custom A record in the panel.



When you talk about “the panel”, are you talking about the regular dreamhost control panel? Because I have not been able to see in the Dreamcompute panel any features related to DNS setup.

That is correct, the DreamHost control panel at https://panel.dreamhost.com/ . You are correct, there are multiple panels nowadays so we’ll need to make sure to be more specific. :slight_smile: The DreamCompute dashboard/panel does not have dns specific features available in it to do this.