What contact form is everyone using with WP?


I’ve just spent half the day trying to get Contact Form 7 running.

I’ve tried every configuration imaginable but nothing works. I gave up and sent a ticket to support.

What is everyone using as a contact form in WP?

Are you all using CF7 or found something that never fails and is 100% reliable.



(No, I’ve not set-up SMTP for the plugin)


I am using CF7 and as of now I think it works fine except some minor bugs.


I use WPForms Pro, tried many and it’s been the best bang for the buck. SMTP running for a GSuite business account for emails that DreamHost has easy setup for to get my domain in emails properly. CF7 somehow allowed more spam to get sent with just about every security setting activated, had a couple in WPForms over the last couple years same settings.


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