What cluster am I on?



Is there a directory somewhere that explains how DreamHost organizes its computers?

When I signed up with DreamHost a few weeks ago I received a bunch of welcoming emails. One of those emails told me which FTP Server my website would be hosted on.

Sometimes everything works great and I have been able to create a small website that I will be adding more content to. But there have been times that my website appears to be down because I have not been able to view it with a web browser or connect to it with my FTP software.

When I am experiencing problems I go to http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ and check the list but I have never found the name of my FTP Server listed. Usually what I find are messages about clusters that had problems or currently are experiencing problems. I presume that a cluster is a much larger organizational unit that includes many servers. But how am I suppose to know which cluster my server is part of? Or more importantly, how am I suppose to figure out if any of the messages on http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/ apply to my DreamHosting account?

I have tried logging in to https://panel.dreamhost.com/ but the only information I found there was the name of my FTP Server.



Open the Account Status dropdown located on the top right of your panel and take a look at the servers relevant to your account listed there. You can also get the names from the RSS feed link at the bottom of the dropdown.

The Blingy & Spunky clusters are currently having some problems.

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In my panel, the account status dropdown tells me my web, email and sql servers, and the params of the dreamhoststatus RSS link tell me two other servers I’m apparently on, but nowhere does it say which clusters these servers belong to. I’m getting dreamhoststatus messages for blingy, so I suppose one of these servers must be part of blingy, but I haven’t been able to find out which. They don’t list the affected servers in dreamhoststatus postings anymore, and it’s not in the wiki either.


Those names are the clusters. You will see the cluster name under ‘email server.’


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OMG! Iam on Blingy, the most ill-fated cluster.
My site has been down/super-slow all day, hope they fix blingy soon :frowning:


yay, My site seems to be back, thank god, I can access it again now :slight_smile: