What are your limits on "server" usage?

I’m thinking of signing up for DreamHost.

What are your limits on “server” usage?

In the forum you wrote, “Unlimited. Assuming you don’t use too much server resources.”

I was with a hosting provider before that kept shutting my site down due to going over a ridiculously low limit for server CPU usage.

What is your limit for server resources?

What happens if we go over? Are we given a warning? Is our site istantly shut down? Do we have to switch hosting providers at the point? If we’re getting a lot of traffic, there’s no much we can do about it.

Can anyone really use 2TB of bandwidth without going over the server resources limit?

With other hosting providers, this is a scam where you get huge amounts of bandwidth but the server resource limit is so low that you get shut down before you come close to reaching that limit. There’s no point in have 2TB of bandwidth if the server limit is so low you get shut down before you reach 2TB.

Please disclose the full details. I just don’t want to set up my entire site and then have to switch providers when it starts getting a lot of traffic.

Thank you so much!

Joe Berstein

You might want to send that question to DreamHost sales department. This discussion board is mainly used by customers.

There is no hard limit. But as with any shared hosting, there will be a point when shared hosting won’t be enough. As long as you are using less than 60 CPU minutes per day, you’re usually okay. DreamHost has a really nice system that measures the amount of CPU seconds you are using and you have access to it from yourdomain.tld/stats/resources. It’s updated once every day. You just have to activate that feature from the panel.

DreamHost changed their policy some time ago. Now they are much more friendly to high CPU usage than before. If your site is using too much resources, they will probably try to make you move to a dedicated server. If your site are using that much CPU resources, it won’t probably be hard to make it pay for itself.

Can anyone really use 2TB of bandwidth without going over the server resources limit?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: That depends on what you’re using. If you are just using plain HTML and some images, CPU resources will be very low. If you are using PHP, they will be a bit bigger. If you’re using mod_rewrite they will be even bigger.

The word unlimited doesn’t always equal a scam, but it does in these two cases:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Unlimited disk space.

Neither of which is offered by Dreamhost.

On the other hand, unlimited domains, subdomains, etc… are pretty common offers, as the value itself doesn’t really indicate that a server will be overworked.

You can have 1,000 domains on a server and not even affect the load… but you can also have a single high-traffic (and/or poorly coded) site bring down a server.

If you had a CPU problem with a single host, there’s a good chance you’d be okay here–and you have a 97-day money back period to find out. On the other hand, if you’re constantly getting booted from shared hosts, it’s probably time to look into a dedicated server. A site that’s busy enough to require its own server should also be able to generate the revenue to pay for it.

I believe one of the honchos (either here or on the blog) has stated that they have users that pin the full amount of resources, either bandwidth or disk space. But keep in mind that most users use less than 1% of what they’ve paid for, so it’s not like they have thousands of customers using the full amounts.

Disk space can definitely be hit because of the fact that DH allows you to use it as storage, whereas most (all?) other hosts won’t.

Dreamhost can offer the resources, but it’s up to the customer to structure things in a way that they can be used. If you’re pushing the limits, it’s a good idea to lighten the load by avoiding poorly coded scripts, making static versions of pages that get high traffic but rarely change, etc…

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I understand Joe’s question. Even with a money back guarantee, it’s a pain to move sites…

DreamHost changed their policy about CPU usage calculation, and they now will deal with it case by case. Trying to find a solution.

As to the bandwith, I think you could only reach that limit with a site heavy on downloads, and low on CPU usage (Apache and SQL).

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There is no hard limit, it is more a case of not using enough resources to badly affect other users.

I doubt anyone could use 2TB of bandwidth in reality without running into problems, but how many sites really need 2TB of bandwidth?

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