What are these numbers on the DO usage graph?

When I hover over a point in the graph, four white boxes with numbers next to them appear near the bottom of the graph. I can’t hover over them, and I don’t know what they refer to.

What are those? I am trying to figure out which user has a sudden increase in storage, and was hoping I’d get a hint there. There are…

Oh, I think I know what they are. I was just looking there for reference, I noticed a correlation between those boxes and the four lines apparently rendered:

Okay, that might make sense, but I’ll post anyway, because I am not 100% sure. And I made screenshots and all… :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this! It looks like you’ve caught a bug in the UI. The colors in the boxes on the graph should be the same colors of the table you screenshotted below, and same colors of the lines in the graph too.

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