What are the console login and pw for a new machine?

The console that is in the control panel for an instance?

Is the user name “debian” like it is for ssh, assuming that’s the OS?

What’s the pw?

I’m trying a different tack. I can’t get in via ssh to any new server instance I create.

Thanks in advance!

There are no default passwords for any of the DreamHost created images, so the console cannot be used for login until you login via SSH and set a password for the debian or other default user.

If ssh isn’t connecting, there are some common things to check:

  1. Did you select an SSH key when creating your instance? One is generally not selected for you by default. You can tell if a key was used by looking on the Instances main page and seeing if anything is in the keys column.

  2. Did you create the key inside the DreamCompute dashboard? There have been some issues with this dashboard, and it letting you “re-download” the key during creation and each time it makes a new key causing confusion. The best way to make sure this isn’t an issue is to create the public key in putty-keygen, or inside https://cloud.dreamhost.com , which is our simplified but improved dashboard.

  3. Make sure you use the default user name that matches your operating system.

  4. If the instance has no networking, or isn’t pingable, this is a whole other issue and please contact support.

I hope some of those things to check help!

Thanks Justin.

I got it to work. Here’s how:

I used https://cloud.dreamhost.com to create a key pair, downloaded that private key, saved it to [filename].pem in ~/.ssh

I use ssh -i ~/.ssh/[filename].pem debian@111.222.333.444 to connect.

That’s great to hear! The dashboard on https://iad2.dreamcompute.com is the OpenStack “Horizon” project, and has a lot of features crammed into it. The dashboard at https://cloud.dreamhost.com is developed in-house, and tries to provide just the most needed features, and we are working on improving it further.