What actually works?

Lets see:

Dreamhost offers excellent pricing and a boat load of features. Many of which don’t fully work. I suspect their propreitary control panel has a lot to do with it.

The only the that always works for is the One Click installer.

Domains: I cannot tell you how many times, I’ve added a domain and it doesn’t work properly. You cannot surf to it using www. Email support and get the “wait for DNS to update” standard response. I email them back saying: “It’s been a week it still isn’t working, you want to fix this?”

Email: Well in addition going down at least once a week for good measure. Their panel often doesn’t update MX records when adding a new email domains, same for DNS. I often have to manually email support to add mail.domain.com & webmail.domain.com to my account.

All in all, the most important part of hosting is having your website visiable to the world. They do pretty good here, although it would be nice for www.domain.com and domain.com work the first time everytime.

The second most important thing, is domain email. Which I’ve pretty much given up hope. I just don’t understand it, some hosts have millions of customers and they don’t have problems with email.

Don’t get me wrong, I like dreamhost. Their support is very easy to work with but can we get the basics working?

Add mySQL to the list of what DOES NOT work.

10 minutes after me posting, DB connections were constantly dropped for my vB board for like 10 minutes.

My forum is just taking off, I cannot afford to have my users see a database error.

Is it that you guys oversell yourself so much you cannot support your already paying customers?

If these were all things that didn’t work at DH, they wouldn’t have any customers.

Sounds like your server is having problems–only support can help you there.

I’ve added hundreds of domains without any problems. If you get the rare “bad_http_conf” error, resaving the domain info often gets rid of it.

The only thing that ever frustrated me about DH’s panel is when it gets slow. Other than that, I’d take it over CPanel any day.

If they can’t get you straightened out, you might be able to request being moved to a different server. Not sure about that, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Other than for an initial install, the one-click feature is probably the thing I care for the least. At least for updating Wordpress, which seems smoother/easier just following the instructions at Wordpress.org.

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You’re right they work but not reliablely. They advertise all these features to reel you in, then half of them don’t work. Of all the hosts I’ve worked with DH is the worst in the reliability department.

I mean come on, email is constantly breaking. You add a domain and it doesn’t work right from the getgo (I get the DNS update part) I shouldn’t have email support for every other domain I add so www. works. Even if it is a simple DNS update that I could do, it’s not my job. The panel is supposed to do it automatically.

On the one click install, I’ve only used it twice and found it really easy. I normally upload a tar and unzip from the command line, I find it easier.

Just look at this forum it has no features would it kill them to use One click install and run phpBB on here? It’s free software.

Like I said, that sounds more like a problem with your server, or else it would be that way for everyone. I’d ask for a move if it’s that bad.

Same with adding domains–I’ve added way over 100 without problems.

No idea why they use this forum software. Though I like phpBB, it does seem to be an attack-magnet because of its popularity. It might just be because it’s been here forever and it works. I don’t know if the forum is an example of this, but I’ve heard them say in the past that certain parts of DH are coded into their backend in a way that makes them hard to change.

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Dreamhost hasn’t really had any problems till lately. Not sure if it’s coincedental but several datacenters all over north america are having very similar problems over the past couple months.

They would just really not be wanting to change the forum system. Yeah there are much better forum solutions, but how much time you really want to spend on a forum to make sure it’s 100% secure?

Either way, I have until february to see if Dreamhost is able to fix these problems they are having or not.

I unfortunetly have until next June I paid for a year upfront.

Hopefully, they gain in the reliabilty.

If all you do is hope, then you’ll probably still be sitting in your problems come next June.

Maybe you should listen to what seiler said & ask Dreamhost to move you to a different server. Or have these problems all been resolved now & you just haven’t come back to say so? (I know this is an older thread. I stumbled on it while searching for something else.)