What about You can't add that domain: you don't have permission to add

why i’m can’t add my domain to my host ? him say "what about You can’t add that domain: you don’t have permission to add "

thank you!

Does someone share their account with you? If so, make sure you are under your own account by looking at the bottom left of the panel. If the shared account is the only account you have, you do not have the proper permission from the account owner.

This could be one of 3 things, typically:

  1. As sean mentioned, it could be that your account exists only as a set of Account Privileges to access elements of another account. These privileges would have been granted by that account to you, but do not include the domain privilege that includes adding new domains. The granting account would need to grant you that privilege, or add the domain to their account, and grant you the domain Account Privilege for that domain.

  2. The domain is or has been hosted on another account, and must be removed from there before you can host it.

  3. If you are actually trying to host a subdomain, and the domain of it uses non-dreamhost nameservers, the system realizes the dns zone of the domain is controlled elsewhere, precluding you from trying to control it (such as adding a subdomain to it) here.

This isn’t quite correct, actually. There is no restriction against adding a domain to your account which has its DNS hosted elsewhere (as this is often useful for testing prior to switching nameservers). The real reason you’d get this error in this case is much simpler: you must first add the parent domain before adding its subdomains.

I realize you can add a domain for hosting, no matter its nameservers or current hosting, but that doesn’t establish routing to it via dns.

There is some situation where I have tried to add a subdomain to hosting without the domain being there, and I have gotten a ‘you are not authorized to add this subdomain’ error message or something similar. I had interpreted this as the dns issue I laid out in point no. 3. So, is there a very similar situation to this where that error came up due to the way I thought of it, or could it only be coming up for only the reason you gave, i.e., just because the domain is not added for hosting first?

How long does it take after a dreamhost account which had registered a domain name has expired for it to be possible to register that domain name with another dreamhost account?

I’m not trying to be cheap, just set up a test website on a shared account that was used for group training purposes. From that training I decided to buy my own dreamhost account. One day soon I would like to set that same website up on this new account.