What about .com.au domains


I have an Australian .com.au domain name on hold. Can I transfer that name to dreamHost ?


No, DH don’t manage .com.au

However you can keep your registar (or use another one) and use dreamhost to host your .com.au

You don’t have to use the same company for your domain and your hosting, even if most company do both job (at least for big TLDs like com/net/org).

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The wiki has some articles on how to do this - wiki.dreamhost.com


Can he park the domain .com.au to DH by setting up the dns server like this?

ns1: dreamhost.com
ns2: dreamhost.com
ns3: dreamhost.com

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That’s not the definition of “parking” that I know. But, yes, that’s how you direct the domain to DH servers.

I figured the wiki article would explain it better than just a list of the three DH nameservers.


Thanks guys. Great help.

I’m looking up the wiki article now.

It’s a shame we had to fight with each other to help! But I guess it’s better than being ignored!