.well-known folder now in account base directory

Since HTTP/2 became supported for Shared Hosting, I’ve been seeing the .well-known folder in my accounts base directory via FileZilla SFTP.

It was never in that location before. Prior to HTTP/2 on Shared Hosting, this directory was tucked away beyond reach (CHMOD setting.)

As the name would imply, this directory is used to store several files often requested by various User Agents, mostly bots but also browsers.

Here at DH, this is also where the security certificates are (were?) kept and updated.


• Why was it moved to our account base directory?

• Is it safe to upload these various files (example: dnt-policy.txt) to this directory?

• When I open the directory, I see only another directory named: acme-challenge. When I open that, it is empty. What’s this?

I’ve noticed them for some time and had assumed they were introduced when the automated Let’s Encrypt installation was implemented (with/for the acme-challenge directory).

So far as location and content is concerned you can add relevant files to a .well-known directory in the location a protocol expects to find it. I have no insight on whether DreamHost maps the .well-known dir in $HOME to any domain.tld directories that the user might have. Might pay to tweet at them pointing to this thread for an engineer to give an official response.

Just to clarify, do you mean there’s a .well-known file in your FTP/SSH user’s home directory, I.e. /home/<user>/.well-known? That would be odd. Normally they are located in domain’s web-directory, i.e. /home/<user>/example.com/.well-known

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