.well-known acme-challenge directory can't be removed and doesn't allow for git clone

I’m trying to clone a repo into my Dreamhost account. Unfortunately, I can’t because the base web directory, mydomain.com/, has a default “.well-known” folder that can’t be removed. Git doesn’t allow you to clone into a directory that isn’t clean.

Looking at this, the folder should / kinda should be there? .well-known folder now in account base directory But does it need to be after the install? Any way of getting around this other than creating a new base directory and rerouting the web traffic?

The .well-known directory is used every month to update Let’s Encrypt certificates, but it is frustrating that DH sets the owner to root, so it can’t be deleted. The simplest work-around might be to move the site directory and clone into a fresh one. I.e.:

mv example.com oldexample.com
git clone ... example.com

To delete oldexample.com, you’d need to contact support, since only they can delete the root-owned .well-known.

Hm, well that’s a good idea. Actually, considering that, I’ll just move .well-known out, pull, .gitignore it. then move it back in. Here goes. Did the trick!

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