Welcome to the new DreamHost Community

Welcome! (or welcome back?) You may have noticed that things look a little different around here! DreamHost has recently migrated our forums to a new software platform.

If you had an account on the old system we’ve copied that over for you, however you will need to reset your password before you’re able to login. You’ll only need to do this once! Click on the “Log In” button above and the link to “I forgot my password”.

Thanks, and welcome!


Congrats on your upgrade! This looks and feels quite impressive.


Well done! It was a good idea to move from phpBB to Discourse. phpBB is really getting hopelessly dated this days…


Too bad… The new forum is so much harder to navigate than phpBB. With the old forum, I could click one link to read messages that have been posted since my last visit. IMHO this was a horrible move.

Sorry you feel this way. Maybe there are a few things that you haven’t discovered yet. For example, on this new platform, you don’t have to go to a specific URL to see what has been posted since your last visit: right on the home page, you have a mark that says –last visit–. See the screenshot below (another thing that was missing in the old forum was attaching images to posts)

Also, when a topic has a new post, you’ll see counters of the posts you haven’t read yet, right there near the title and on the home page, without the need for extra clicks.

I often find new things annoying myself. I hope you get the chance for this new forum to grow on you.

I’m normally like you, I hate format andsoftware/platform changes. After less than a week on this platform tho I honsestly absolutely love it. Hope I never run into myBB again anywhere.

You don’t have to change categories, everything that happened since your last visit is at the top.

I guess it’ll just take some getting used to. It is far different from the old software. I’ve been using forums similar to the old format for many many years… This is quite the shift. But change is good… And I’ll get used to it eventually and quit my griping :smile:


I started thinking about it last night after you posted again. The format of the old myBB forum pre-dates myBB and stuck with the world a really long time. I can trace the “Category / Board / Thread” format way back into the 80’s, we didn’t even have internet connections yet! Instead it was dial-up BBS (or Bulletin Board Systems).

BBS systems at the time were mostly single user affairs; that is, only one user at a time could “call-in” and connect. A very tedious method that left most of us playing with paperclip dispensers while our computer and modem auto-dialed forever to busy signals.

The next rendition, and first internet version of the “Category / Board / Thread” could be found in usenet newsgroups.

Finally all that morphed into the modern internet “forum”. Still it all worked largely through the same familiar “Category / Board / Thread” format.

Features like “view unread” and “view today’s posts” got added to popular platforms to make it easy for users that like to “follow the conversation” to be more efficient.

What’s making all that change now? more computing power. Specifically the ability to “search”. myBB was really bad about search, it still “needed” the “Category / Board / Thread” format so that users could self-classify information.

Today, with modern search, we’ve lost the need the for that kind of classification system. We can just tap the magnifying glass icon and start typing. Search is so speedy that the need for “Category / Board / Thread” formats has evaporated. Now we can simply lump everything together, perhaps throw in a few “categories” and/or “tags”.

In this case it really is! As I said above, after less than 1 week I really like this implementation and never want to go back.

Hey y’all on DreamHost

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